Serato’s Stems added to their DAW in Serato Studio 2.0

Serato’s Stems added to their DAW in Serato Studio 2.0

It’s hard to remember all the different projects that Serato has under their belt. There are a lot of cool things in their tech arsenal – but all too often it’s easy to forget that they also make their own DAW, Serato Studio. Today, they’ve announced a new update to Serato Studio, with the big advancement being the addition of their Stems workflow to easily break tracks into vocals, melody, bass, or drums for quick sampling.

Unlike a lot of other Stem separation tools in DAWs, Serato has brought their same real-time capabilities to Studio as what was first seen in Serato DJ 3.0. This makes it really easy for producers to find samples, add cue points, and change speed/key to make it part of any production.

As with the DJ iteration of Stems, Serato Studio allows producers to load any audio file, analyze it, and then click on one of four icons to quickly bring in or out different elements of the track. Hold down shift while clicking it to isolate just that stem.

It’s part of a renewed update to bring the Serato Studio DAW back to the forefront of “quick-and-easy” production platforms. There’s all kinds of options for budding producers out there, but very few of them have a sampling and performance workflow that feels as simple and intuitive as Serato Studio.

If you haven’t heard of or seen what their DAW is capable of, watch the full overview below which goes through all of their features:

Want to try Serato Studio? Even if you’ve messed around with it before, Serato has reset all of the 14-day free trials, meaning that anyone can play with the software for a new free trial with this update. Check out the free download here.

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